Image specialised Artificial Intelligence deep tech company

AI Drone Warehouse Inventory Management System

Maximise inventory control and audit quality by AI inspection system find location, quantity and status in realtime


Image base second hand price prediction solution

Base on big data analysis and image processing algorithm to predict most attractive second hand mechanise prices for seller


Our Solution

We are 'image analysis' focused deep tech company where able to apply into infrastructures to other industries



Detect ditches, damages and other issues by autopilot AI drone system

Oil Pipeline

Thousands miles oil pipeline is now fully covered by our AI drone system to prevent any damage further



Power transmission towers, wind turbines, nuclear plants and solar panels, you do not need foot patrol, just send our AI drones anywhere, anytime and everywhere


Warehouse inventory management monitored by AI embedded drones, now your staff doesn't need to counting or stocking management. ViewMagine's solution will free them to work more efficiently

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Core Tech

Expeditious and Accurate

Based on Deep approach SVDD one class classification allows expeditious and accurate results in any environments

Core algorithm

higher results on abnormality

Conventional machine learning and deep learning algorithm is weak when it comes to abnormality hence ViewMagine integrated its own one class classification approach

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Core tech results

Accuracy and speed

Optimised and enhanced hyper-sphere regression leads to 20% higher results compare with other methodology


ViewMagine is a deep tech company which focus on developing AI Inspection solution for infrastructure sector

Welcome to the new era of evolution

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ViewMagine won Hana Demo day Award of Excellence

ViewMagine won the award of excellence from Hana Financial Group corporate venture arm Hana Ventures demo day

You can find us at

20F, SparkPlus Gangnam 2 office, Seochodaero 396, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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